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Built by students and backed by Midas-List winners and some of the best VCs in the country, we help student founders get all the help they need to take their companies to the next level- while helping our student investors become next generation of venture capitalists


300+ student run companies

Student run companies we've supported on their journeys


$1B+ raised in follow-on capital

Raised in follow-on capital from industry-leading investors


50+ Venture funds with DRF alumni on the team

Venture funds with DRF alumni on the team

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The on-ramp to venture capital

We're more than your first $40,000 check. Whether you're raising your first round, or building your track record as an investor, DRF helps students navigate venture fundraising like a pro- with introductions to the best firms and experience from hundreds of raises.

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300+ bets on the future.

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Our students have built the best community of investors, operators, and experts anywhere. We give our portfolio companies all the help they need to take their companies to the next level. We’re as dedicated as you are, and our results speak for themselves.

Alex Torrey

I went to business school to start my second company—so being part of DRF was my obvious first choice. My time on the investing team definitely helped me supercharge my time on campus. The DRF mafia is real.

Alex Torrey, CEO & Co-Founder, The Rounds


Why DRF?

With 10+ years of proof, once you’re DRF, you’re #DRF4Life– part of the strongest community of student and alumni founders, investors, and operators.


Our network becomes yours.

Whether you're looking to raise another round, meet other unicorn founders, hire for that critical role, or get on a call with industry experts, DRF's network of investors, founders, and alumni will support you and your company through its earliest stages.


We back you with a $40,000 check.

We partner with you as early as it gets - as your first capital or to catalyze your round.


Skip the first-time mistakes.

Being a founder is a hard job. At DRF, we help our founders skip steps avoid early-stage trip ups by learning from other founders and operators in our community.


We back you while you're still in school.

We support student founders at every stage in their educational journey - college, business school PhD, and beyond- with the enthusiasm of freshmen.

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