Hi. We're Dorm Room Fund—the best way for student founders to grow their startup.

Built by students and powered by First Round, we provide founders with a strong network of investors, world-class mentors, and a $20,000 check.

We've invested in 200 startups who've raised $400 million from:

Built by students, powered by First Round.

We're a student-run venture fund backed by First Round. We invest in startups where at least one person on the founding team is a student (undergraduate or graduate). Our investment team is run by student leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators across the country.

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So, what do Dorm Room Fund founders receive?

We're designed to help student founders go from the earliest stage to the seed stage and beyond.


300+ fellow founders, 50+ mentors, dozens of intimate events with industry leaders and investors.


Access to world-class advisors, including the founders of Buzzfeed, Venmo, YouTube, and Quora.


We invest $20,000 through a SAFE—the most founder-friendly terms that exist.

Our founders, our family.

Since our first investment in 2012, the majority of our founders have raised additional rounds of funding, running teams of up to 100+ employees. By helping our founders learn the ins and outs of fundraising, launch strategy, growth, and hiring, we’re just as invested in your mission as you are.

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Ryan Shea, Blockstack (Princeton '12)

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