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We're builders, tinkerers, technical nerds, and so much more. We eat, breathe, and sleep startups and venture. And we're the next generation of this industry.

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Dorm Room Fund's full-time investment team who run the fund and student program

Molly Fowler Avatar

Molly Fowler

Yale University

General Partner, Dorm Room Fund, First Round Capital, Intersection, City of Los Angeles.

Caroline Toch Avatar

Caroline Toch

Vanderbilt University

Operating Principal. Formerly product at Chief, accelerator lead at Techstars Web3, talent at Venture for America.


Our student investment partners seek out, vet, and back the best student-run companies across the country -- don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Secil Altintas Avatar

Secil Altintas

Harvard (HBS)

Tech enthusiast with previous experience in consulting, operating and investing

John Azubuike Avatar

John Azubuike


John is an investment professional with history of working on both early-stage venture capital, fund investments, and leveraged buyout deals.

Ananya Chadha Avatar

Ananya Chadha


Hoping to invent technology and business to help the world :)

Andy Chen Avatar

Andy Chen

University of Oxford

Healthcare, life sciences, AI person :)

James da Costa Avatar

James da Costa

Stanford GSB

Builder at heart - all things fintech, ai and the intersection between them!

Jon Cullom Avatar

Jon Cullom

UC Berkeley Haas

Passionate about allocating venture capital to promote transparency and accessibility in healthcare, technology, and finance

Danny Delaney Avatar

Danny Delaney

Harvard (HBS)

Passionate about building healthy, affordable, clean communities. Runs on PB&J.

Archika Dogra Avatar

Archika Dogra

Princeton University

Junior at Princeton studying computer science with a passion for social innovation, product development, educational equity, and dogs.

Noelle Durkin Avatar

Noelle Durkin

Stanford GSB

Noelle is a GSB MBA student with an operating background who is excited to pivot into early stage VC investing.

Lindsay Esterman Avatar

Lindsay Esterman


Lower the world’s cortisol. Past lives: engineering @ Neo, Tara AI, Shimmer.

Joshua Fang Avatar

Joshua Fang


I'm an engineer and investor that loves spending time with ambitious people who bend the curve of the future.

Andrew Fang Avatar

Andrew Fang


Stanford CS. Previously Omniscient Labs.

Zaid Fattah Avatar

Zaid Fattah

Yale University

Zaid is interested in software and systems but motivated by stories and service.

Denny Gabriel Avatar

Denny Gabriel

Baruch College

Passionate about underrepresented founders building a future through innovation. Actively exploring Fintech, Climate tech, and Enterprise software

Grace Gerwe Avatar

Grace Gerwe

Yale University

Relentlessly focused on redesigning society's relationship with health, deeply connecting with high caliber people and pursuing the extremes of the human experience.

Elana Golub Avatar

Elana Golub

MIT Sloan

Operator passionate about innovation in fintech, education, and professional services.

Remy Gordon Avatar

Remy Gordon

Harvard (HBS)

Energized by working through difficult problems with smart people. Will inevitably talk about his love for the midwest!

Jules Grelot Avatar

Jules Grelot

Northeastern University

Avid learner! Sharing passion and love! Always happy to meet new people!

Deshani Gunathilake Avatar

Deshani Gunathilake

NYU Stern

Former product manager passionate about tech that serves underrepresented groups and markets.

Adithya Gurunathan Avatar

Adithya Gurunathan

Georgia Institute of Technology

Deeply passionate about technology and solving humanity's pressing problems in climate and healthcare spaces.

Linda He  Avatar

Linda He


building and investing in technology that changes the world :)

Santiago Hernandez Avatar

Santiago Hernandez


Santiago is a former telenovela actor from Mexico, previous startup founder and now a Computer Science student at Stanford.

Sydney Hertz Avatar

Sydney Hertz

Columbia Business School

Sydney is an MBA candidate at Columbia Business School whose background is in investing and consulting in media, technology and e-commerce enablement businesses.

Rebecca Hutman Avatar

Rebecca Hutman

MIT Sloan

Making the places we live and work affordable, healthy, and climate friendly; fueled by laughter, disciplined hope, and chocolate chips.

Lauren Huttner Avatar

Lauren Huttner


Exploring the intersection of creator, consumer, community and media

Zach Jaffe Avatar

Zach Jaffe


Kellogg MBA / MS in Design Innovation student passionate about enterprise software, go-to-market strategy, and the NY Mets and Rangers

Rachel Kazungu Avatar

Rachel Kazungu

UC Berkeley Haas

I would describe myself as a go-getter and someone who faces challenges head-on while being adaptable to changes.

Ganesh Kolli Avatar

Ganesh Kolli

Northeastern University

relentless optimist building a better world for all!

Jacques Laine Avatar

Jacques Laine


Jacques is a musical artist and strategist looking to change the face of the music industry through emerging technology.

Christina Liang Avatar

Christina Liang


Curious about people, languages, and climate tech. Formerly Oaktree and Blue Collective.

Tony Liano Avatar

Tony Liano

University of Notre Dame

San Francisco native interested in storytelling and consumer behavior.

Sriya Mantena Avatar

Sriya Mantena


Energized by deep tech solutions that prioritize human outcomes and responsible impact.

Mattia Mauro Avatar

Mattia Mauro


A curious, international physicist obsessed by the world's fundamental challenges

Adanna Mogbo Avatar

Adanna Mogbo

University of Pennsylvania

Constant learner and try-er of all things related to health and innovation.

Sean Nissenbaum Avatar

Sean Nissenbaum

NYU Stern

Learning and building towards a more meaningfully connected future; chocolate chip cookie connoisseur.

Gilles Nkana Avatar

Gilles Nkana

Columbia Business School

Building bridges across perspectives and cultures.

Moritz Pail Avatar

Moritz Pail


I'm a founder, engineer, and investor who's passionate about finding ways to make an impact.

Aaron Pickard Avatar

Aaron Pickard

Chicago Booth

Loves solving hard problems that make a difference, building communities, and supporting nontraditional students. It’s not rocket science!

Nithanth Ram Avatar

Nithanth Ram

Carnegie Mellon University

Master of None - always seeking growth and learning. Currently at Deepgram. Formerly Baseten, Abacus.AI, Roku. Building HostLabs.

Lena Renshaw Avatar

Lena Renshaw

NYU Stern

Computer science grad passionate about using technology for social impact, particularly through climate and energy.

Marc Rizk Avatar

Marc Rizk


Passionate about the intersection of finance and Deep tech.

Matan Roet Avatar

Matan Roet

Harvard (HBS)

Tech head with AI and cloud expertise, crazy about sports and snowboarding!

Catalina Romero Avatar

Catalina Romero


A Colombian-American MIT Mechanical Engineering student in love with ultramarathon running, soccer, traveling, and building cool things!

Karmini Sampath Avatar

Karmini Sampath


Passionate about Consumer x Tech. Formerly Nike, The Bridgespan Group, US State Department

Aryan Shah Avatar

Aryan Shah

Emory, Georgia Institute of Technology

Exploring all things Fintech, Deeptech and Enterprise :)

Kunal Sharda Avatar

Kunal Sharda

Carnegie Mellon University

Product at ServiceNow. Formerly Numerator, Picus Capital, OpenAI.

Hriday Sheth Avatar

Hriday Sheth

UC Berkeley

Hriday is a former startup founder and Berkeley Engineering Junior who is interested in software, transportation, and technology in emerging markets.

Nimisha Shinday Avatar

Nimisha Shinday


Passionate about driving positive change at the intersection of tech, consumer and wellness.

David Stavis Avatar

David Stavis

Baylor University

Empowering the creation of inclusive organizations and human-centered tech

Zachary Swidey Avatar

Zachary Swidey

University of Pennsylvania

Motivated by conceptual elegance. Exploring deeptech, AI/ML, and abstract nonsense. Biotech VC at Pillar.

Zoey Tang Avatar

Zoey Tang

Wharton, Cornell

A daredevil passionate about democratizing financial services.

Royce Tiger Avatar

Royce Tiger

Yale University

Yale Entrepreneurial Society. Formerly Alumni Ventures, Blue Ivy Ventures, SOSV, Chinaccelerator, MOX Accelerator

Eugenia Trakal Avatar

Eugenia Trakal

Arizona State University

Energized by hustlers bridging gaps and building across B2B SaaS, FinTech & cross-border ventures.

Ananth Veluvali Avatar

Ananth Veluvali


I'm a Stanford sophomore and aspiring lifelong entrepreneur with several exits.

Matthew Vine Avatar

Matthew Vine

Columbia Business School

Lehigh IBE, Columbia MBA interested in deeptech and working at the nexus of emerging technology and corporate innovation. LGM.

Diana Voronin Avatar

Diana Voronin


EECS, scalable quantum computing research, and mentorship at MIT. Exploring frontier tech, fintech for financial inclusion, and the future of human-computer interaction.

Ashleigh Williams Avatar

Ashleigh Williams


Ashleigh is a MBA student at the Wharton School, who is originally from the DMV area and she is passionate about all things finance, cooking and traveling.

Oliver Ye Avatar

Oliver Ye

UC Berkeley

interested in fast things and making things faster :)

Andrew Yu Avatar

Andrew Yu

University of Pennsylvania

Climate, games, music, and seismic shifts.


Our operators-in-residence support our investment partners and founders alike with strategic, technical, and operational expertise.

Kabir Jolly Avatar

Kabir Jolly


Stanford CS. Excited to leverage tech to tackle our biggest challenges!

Celina You Avatar

Celina You


Jack of all trades, master of some. Building celfstudio.